Our History

Lutheran Homes Inc. (now LHI Retirement Services) was founded in 1957, inspired by the vision of Mr and Mrs A.B. Schulze whose dream was to provide a very special home for retired people.

Over the years the generosity of Mr and Mrs Schulze enabled the village at Glynde to grow and by the mid-1980s it consisted of approximately 300 Independent Living Units, a Residential Care Facility, various community support facilities and a purpose-built church.

The demand for LHI’s service excellence and outstanding facilities continued to grow and in 1982 a further thirteen hectares of land were purchased at Hope Valley and LHI’s second village was established.

Today Hope Valley enjoys similar facilities to those at Glynde. LHI now cares for over 1,000 people and employs over 500 staff.

Our caring and responsive management processes have ensured we have kept abreast of the challenges and expectations in the world of providing services to older Australians.

Throughout our history, and in the future, LHI Retirement Services will continue to set new standards in retirement living.

Our Logo

This unique symbol represents the philosophy of LHI Retirement Services.

The HOUSE and ROOF symbols acknowledge the accommodation we provide for our community.  The 3 points reflect the levels of care we offer – independent living, community care and residential care.

The symbol of the sun has been used to provide an image of ‘new beginnings’. It conveys messages of warmth and brightness which complement the services we provide.

We believe that our logo captures the essence and spirit embodied in LHI Retirement Services.