How you can help us - Your Gift

LHI Retirement Services' care facilities at Glynde and Hope Valley are a living testimony to the generosity of a group of people, many of them past and present members of this community, who wished to ensure that our homes remain available for those in need of our care in the years to come.

The dream of a very special home for retired people was realized in 1957 when the first of many generous gifts from Mr and Mrs A B Schulze, was received in the form of their Payneham property, upon which the first cottages were built.

Over the following years many other donations were received from this dedicated couple. Time and time again they gave generously from their personal resources to make sure that each new stage of development or special project was not delayed through lack of funds.

Inspired by the vision of Mr and Mrs Schulze, others followed their example with gifts and bequests to secure the good work of LHI Retirement Services.

As a result of this tradition of generosity, more and more people have been able to enjoy their retirement years with dignity and in the comfort and security of a Christian environment.

Today’s members of our community are the beneficiaries of those who cared in the past.

Tomorrow’s residents will benefit from the generosity of those of us who care today.

Our future depends on the generosity of people who care.

You can, if you wish, specify that your gift, bequest or legacy be used to support a particular project or area of care, or you can allow LHI to use your gift where the need is greatest.

Remembering LHI in your Will is another positive way of giving thanks for the loving care which this organisation provides to so many.

What can I do now?

Include LHI Retirement Services, its work and this request for support, in your prayers. It would be wonderful if you were able to make a donation immediately.

You can send your gift to our Glynde office at 24 Avenue Road, Glynde SA 5070.

A tax deductible receipt will be included with our letter of thanks.