John and Maureen - A wonderful story of unconditional love and devotion.

In a society that devalues the lives and inherent worth of individuals with dementia, John and Maureen’s story is both inspiring and heartwarming. In this short video, John shares the joys, frustrations and challenges of being in a life long relationship with his wife – “in sickness and in health”.

It has been LHI’s privilege to partner with John in caring for Maureen as she has experienced the losses that are associated with dementia.

Rather than giving up on Maureen, John has faithfully shared the journey with her - never losing sight of the reality that Maureen is a much loved child of God. 

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Some letters of thanks from residents loved ones.




Dear Kamal,

Kathyrn, Heather and I are extremely grateful for the loving care everyone in Lutheran Homes Hope Valley showered on our wonderful wife and mother - Nancy.

Nothing was ever too much trouble. Every area always delivered care in an efficient, kindly manner. While Carers and Nurses were on the front line staff from Admin, OT - Lifestyle, Maintenance, Kitchen, Laundry & Cleaning were all dilligent and incredibly caring.

The caring culture of Lutheran Homes Hope Valley is constantly commented in our family and circle of friends. In what sometimes could be a difficult situation for Resident and family the warmth and acceptance displayed by all staff has been enormously comforting. This was most evident, though not unexpected, during Nancy`s final days in palliative care where she was treated with great love and dignity and we, the family were also cared for most compassionately.

The caring culture which pervades Lutheran Homes Hope Valley is not an accident. It reflects the care and dignity with which all staff, no matter what their role, are treated. They in turn treat each other with great respect and create a pleasant environment for residents, visitors and staff. This atmosphere is in no small measure due to the tone that you and your department heads bring to the job.

Thank you for all that you and your staff did for Nancy and us.





To the wonderful staff of LHI,

It is very hard to single out any one of you, for the love and care you gave my Mum during her time at LHI.  What happened over that year was the bond that she formed with each and every one of you.  This was so evident in the past week before Mum`s passing.  The ones that would leave her room protesting it was just hayfever.

I learnt a great deal while doing our bedside vigil.  How unique it is to have people such as yourselves doing a job that was really a labour of love when it came to Mum.  The many visits at night time finding her wide awake and taking the time to have a little chat.  Of course, she coudn`t remember them, but in that moment she did.

The love didn`t stop there for her family either.  The sight of the single white rose on her then empty bed not only signalled the finality of it all but the peace that went along with it.

Please don`t ever stop what you do.  It takes a special type of person to work under sometimes difficult circumstances but I know Mum would have given just that little glimpse of sunshine.

Thankyou again for the support, love and friendship that we all shared.

From Anne, Martin, Lisa, Brett, Glenn, Jane, Drew, Brock, Brooke & Boston.

My mother, Beryl, was cared for at LHI (The Vines) in Hope Valley for a period of six years. I have nothing but praise for the duty of care she received. It was above and beyond what I could have hoped for. I sincerely thank all of the staff for the way in which they made those final years of mum's life tolerable. Your kindness and consideration were greatly appreciated by her and by our family.

Ageing  brings about problems associated with poor health,  isolation, loneliness and often despair for those who deserve dignity and respect in our community. I am so thankful that at LHI this is recognised and in major part, alleviated because of the care and consideration offered to the elderly in your care.

I am also grateful for the way that care was extended to our family when we visited and when contact was made  regarding mum's physical and mental well being. We often felt quite helpless to cater for mum's needs as she aged, and were so appreciative of your advice and practical assistance.

We are so glad that the Christian ethos of your establishment is in evidence in all that happens within your community and extend our best wishes to everyone as you provide a much needed service to the elderly.  I would have no hesitation in commending LHI to others. 

Every good wish for the new year and beyond.