Covid-19 media release 19/03/2020

Thursday 19, March 2020

Yesterday (18th March) the Prime Minister announced new restrictions that will apply to visitors to residential care homes across Australia.

Effective immediately, only family and close friends or professional service workers will be allowed into the Hope Valley and Glynde residential care homes.

All visits will need to be limited to a maximum of two visitors at one time per day and visits will need to be kept short – unless otherwise agreed by the General Manager Residential Care in exceptional circumstances.

It is also important that no children, younger than 17 visit the homes.

These new restrictions are in addition to the restrictions announced earlier this week which required all visitors to only enter the homes through the designated entry points and on arrival to confirm that they:

  • have not returned from overseas in the past two weeks
  • have not been in contact with an individual who has tested positive for COVID-19
  •     do not have a fever or a cough
  • will practice social distancing, cough etiquette, and routine hand sanitizing when visiting the home
  • will make my way directly to the room of the person I am visiting and not visit other residents in communal living and dining rooms.

As previously advised, all gatherings/meetings/activities within the home where social distancing cannot be assured have been cancelled as have school visits and visits by entertainers etc.

Whilst we value the support of our volunteers, unfortunately the access restrictions will prevent volunteers from visiting and assisting in any activities.

The Prime Minister has advised that these restrictions will apply for the next 6 months.

I understand that this may be distressing news for residents and their families however I am confident everyone will appreciate that this is an unprecedented situation that surpasses anything we have experienced in the past.

To bridge the communication gap, we are currently implementing new ways for residents and families/friends to connect electronically via tablet devices.

If you have any concerns with these new arrangements please contact Yasmine Ruyssen (General Manager Residential Care Glynde), Megan Britt (General Manager Residential Care Hope Valley) or me via email or phone 8337 0488.

Graham Reed