Farewell to Tim Gray, CEO

Wednesday 15, November 2017

Timothy Gray was appointed to the position of Chief Executive Officer of LHI Retirement Services (LHI) in April 1994.

 LHI is responsible for the aged in two locations in Adelaide, South Australia, one in Glynde and the other in Hope Valley. When Tim commenced, Glynde consisted of 275 independent living units, a high and low care facility containing 150 beds and the more recently developed Hope Valley site, 160 independent living units and a low care facility containing 80 beds.

 Over the last 23 years, Tim has led significant building works which have been undertaken on both sites.

 At the Hope Valley site, a large and spectacular Church/Community centre has been built, a further 91 independent living units and extensions and modifications to the Residential Care Facility.

 At Glynde more than 200 of the dated independent living units have been demolished and replaced with modern units which meet the expectations of the current market and this programme of replacement is still underway. The major redevelopment of the Glynde facility has transformed the look and feel of the whole facility and has lifted the spirits of those who have lived through it and can now see the added benefits of the new and modern buildings.

 In assuming the role of CEO Tim was given the task of building a management team that could assist him in leading, developing and managing a large modern organisation well into the future. He has achieved this and has built LHI’s reputation in complying with all the legislative requirements, providing a highly professional level of care and services and has built a culture of service excellence where people are valued. This has enabled LHI to attract and retain high calibre staff as an employer of choice within the Aged Care industry. Through these people high quality care is delivered to all Residents.

 Tim is appreciated by his Team for his uncanny ability to put the needs of Residents first while at the same time ensuring ongoing viability of the organisation. What they appreciate mostly in his inclusiveness of their ideas, his encouragement for them to contribute to decision making, and his perceptiveness and wisdom in thinking strategically. He has a warm demeanour, and a heart, for his management team (and all other staff) and he has an incredible ability to foster their development. He is able to get the best out of each of them so that they in turn are able to encourage and nurture the staff for whom they are individually responsible. He has built a culture of high achievement through ongoing professional development, while all the time tending respectfully and lovingly to the needs of those in LHI’s care.

 Above all Tim is absolutely committed to the residents at LHI, be they in independent living units or in the RCF. He is fierce in his determination to see that they receive the care that they need and is a passionate advocate for them when government legislation, or other external factors, potentially jeopardises the organisations ability to respond to their care needs appropriately. When this occurs, he has no hesitation in expressing his concerns to the local State and Federal politicians, or those in charge of the respective government departments.

 During Tim’s tenure and as a result of his leadership, LHI has received the following awards:

 1996     Royal Australian Institute of Architects – Trinity Church

 2003     TAFE Workplace Trainer of the year Award

 2004     Master Builders Association Excellence in Commercial Building Award

              Master Builders Association Medium Density Housing Award

 2005     Housing Industry Association “Special Purpose Housing Award”

              Inaugural State Award for Excellence – Retirement Living

 2006     Inaugural National Award for Excellence – Retirement Living

              National Better Practice Award – Manual Handling (‘Move Easy’ programme)

              National Better Practice Award – Staff Development

              HACCP certification

 2012     National Better Practice Award – Well-being worker

              National Better Practice Award – ‘PANDA’ Palliative Care

              Aged Care Standards Accreditation in all 44 standards for both sites

 2014     National Better Practice Award for Innovation – Redesigning Texture – Modified Foods

 LHI is associated with all other Lutheran Aged Care providers and as such Tim’s influence and input at meetings and conferences held by Lutheran Aged Care is valued and highly regarded and respected. Again, Tim takes every opportunity to ensure that the needs of people under his care are paramount in any discussion and/or decision making.

 Tim has given outstanding service to LHI, and therefore our people, and has contributed countless hours over and above the norm for many years, to ensure that people in the care of LHI enjoy a standard of living and a level of care which they so richly deserve in the eve of their lives. His exceptional service, commitment, and dedication to countless people has ensured that they have been able to live out their lives in peace and harmony always having the assurance that LHI is there to tend to their needs, however great or small, and that assurance has been, and continues to be, a great comfort to many.

 In addition to all of his many fine attributes, Tim is a real man of God. His love and faith in his Lord is reflected in his leadership and in his love and care for our residents and staff. Tim has always prayed for the people in the organisation and for the board and this the true reflection of our Tim.

 Tim Gray is a man of integrity, honour, and compassion and he has used these attributes together with his visionary leadership for the benefit of others. He will be greatly missed at LHI by Staff and Residents. We wish him and his wife Linda a long and healthy retirement.