Media Release

Friday 2, March 2018

Media Release

During a routine task of decommissioning equipment previously used in conjunction with the spa room at the LHI Glynde residential aged care facility, maintenance staff spilt a small quantity of chemical that reacted with water resulting in the release of bromine gas.

The maintenance staff involved immediately contacted 000 and alerted other staff and management of the incident.

Whilst the gas release was in an external garden area, as a precaution the residents closest to the chemical spill were evacuated by staff to another part of the facility.

Staff did an extraordinary job in smoothly and calmly evacuating the residents and keeping them safe until the area was declared safe by emergency services personnel who were in attendance.

Two staff members who were feeling unwell after the incident were transported to hospital as a precaution.  We expect both staff to be released later today.

The facility is now back to normal operations and all emergency personnel have left the facility.


Graham Reed

Chief Executive Officer


2nd March 2018