Home Care Services




What are Home Care Packages and what services and support can I receive?

The aim of a Home Care Package is to support you to remain at home in your unit as long as possible.

Therefore, the package funds can be used in any way that helps you to remain independent .

This will vary from one person to then next and can include things like.................


Showering assistance                                                 Domestic Cleaning

Dressing                                                                     Shopping

Preparation of Meals                                                  Linen change

Laundry                                                                    Assistance with medications

Transport to local appointments                               Dishwasher

Gardening                                                                Home modifications

Social activities

Allied Health – physio, podiatry, occupational therapy assessments and treatments


How do I start a Home Care Package?

Step 1       Contact the ILU Care Staff to discuss your circumstance.

Step 2       My Aged Care.

Step 3       ACAT visit and assessment

Step 4.      Home Care Package – Levels of Care

Step 5.      National Queue within the My Aged Care system.

Step 6:      Interim lower level package

Step 7:      Services commence


What does a Home Care Package cost?

Daily Fee – Approx $10/Day

Part and Non Pensioners – Income Tested Fee Calculated by Govt

Monthly Statement is provided listing Fees paid and services received.


How can LHI help?

You can choose the Provider of your HCP services

LHI can provide your HCP services

LHI can help you with starting a HCP or moving your current HCP to LHI.

Unspent Funds” - Returned to the Govt


LHI Extras

For Residents who have NOT been approved or are WAITING for a Govt Funded Home Care Package,

Some of the “LHI Extras” services Residents are currently receiving include:

—  Cleaning

—  Transport to and from appointments

—  Meals

—  Personal care assistance

—  Medication support

—  Domestic assistance

—  Social support


Why use LHI Extras?

All Staff have a Police Check Clearance

All Staff have had orientation and training from LHI All Staff are covered by LHI’s insurances


Cost of LHI Extras

Monday to Friday – 7am to 5pm - $50 per hour Tailored services available.

 ie: Daily visit (15 mins/visit – Total 105 mins/week)  $65 per week                                                      

Twice daily visit (15 mins/visit – Total 210 mins/week)  $105 per week



Step 1 Have an ACAT assessment

Step 2 Complete a Financial Assessment


This assessment will determine the amount of some of your Fees.

Treatment of your unit – Single and Couples

Step 3 – There are 3 types of Fees:

  1. Daily Care Fee 85% of Pension - $52/day
  2. Means Tested Care Fee

               Calculated by the Govt based on the completed Financial Assessment

               Based on Assets and Income

               Daily Amount

       3.  Accommodation Fee

               Based on Your Assets and the Room price

               Couples and single

               Can be paid as Lump Sum, a Daily Amount, or a combination of the two.

               “Supported Residents”

Please see attached document for further information regarding LHI and Home Care Services.