ILU Insurance




If you already have an LCA / LHI Policy, your renewal letter for 2021/22 will be sent to you shortly.

If you do not have an LHI Policy, have you considered the LCA / LHI Insurance policy for your contents insurance?

Already over 250 Residents are enjoying the savings and convenience available from the LHI Insurance Scheme. 

This policy was specifically developed for LHI’s ILU Residents and has now been in place for in excess of 16 years.

In addition to a home contents policy, there is a policy for Jewellery and valuables (hearing aids etc), which can cover these items when taken outside of your unit, anywhere in Australia.

There is also a policy for motorised wheelchairs and gophers.

The rates through this policy are very reasonable, with $20,000 contents cover available for $142 per year.

The attached Sheet has the insurance rates applicable for the year. If your existing policy with another company expires during 2021/22, simply choose Column A, B, C or D in the attached Sheet to determine the premium applicable to you.




When you combine these features with the simplicity of taking out an Insurance Policy with LHI, the LHI Insurance Scheme represents a very attractive option.

If you would like to take advantage of this policy, or would like more information in relation to this, please contact reception.

Thank you for your support of LHI

David Phillips