Volunteer Roles

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Shop Assisting

LHI has a shop at Glynde and Hope Valley that stock a variety of items from stationery to personal items, gifts and sweets. 

As a shop assistant you will deliver excellent customer service, be involved in customer transactions, stock control and housekeeping duties.

Reminiscing Groups

Memories are precious, and integral to a persons identity. Being able to talk about our stories allows us to gain a sense of self.

A variety of themes, props and games may be used to prompt participation. Reminiscing involves discussing objects, places, people and experiences from the past.

Your role in this group is to support and enable Residents to interact in the activity

Administrative support

Are you comfortable with computers and want to help out in an office environment?

Duties can vary from filing, photocopying, mail-outs, laminating, and word processing. Other skills such as data entry may be taught during your role depending on your interest and expertise.


Do you like playing board games and cards or more active physical games such as bowls skittles and quoits? 

Games promote interaction, and are a fun, relaxed, way to enjoy others company, with a touch of healthy competition.

Resident involvement will vary depending on their abilities. Your role will be to help Residents participate and have fun.


Are you handy with your hands?

LHI craft groups and home based crafts involve care  making, basket weaving, knitting, sewing, crocheting and other crafts.

You will have the opportunity to use your creativity while supporting Residents with their own craft work.

Church Services

Spiritual care is valued at LHI and each Resident is supported to fulfil their individual spiritual needs. Church services, including communion and hymn singing, are offered on a regular basis in our Home.

Services provide comfort and reassurance, the opportunity to worship and receive pastoral care.

Your role will be to assist Residents to participate in these services.

Bus Driving

If you enjoy excursions, shopping trips, and day trips  and are a safe and reliable driver then this could be the role for you.  You will have a car licence and able to drive a 10 seater van?  

LHI bus trips are an opportunity for Residents to get out and about and participate in their community, whilst visiting Adelaide's attractions.

Hand Massage

Hand massage provides interaction with a Resident through human touch, care and connection.

Hand massage helps with relaxation, gives relief from the effects of tension and anxiety, and promotes healthy circulation and a sense of well-being.

You will be trained in the appropriate technique to ensure Resident enjoyment, comfort and safety.

Playing Music

Music is a connection to the past and is a form of expression even when language has gone.

LHI's music groups may be in a concert setting or a smaller more intimate environment.

You will be sharing your love of music through playing an instrument or singing songs that capture an era that is meaningful to the Residents. Maestros to 'Wanna Be's' Welcome. 

Meal support

Some older people require assistance with their meals.

In a supportive and comfortable environment you will help provide one-to-one assistance with a Resident at mealtime.

Your care and support enables the Resident to eat their meal at their pace and enhances their enjoyment of food.

Personal Visits

You are a kind caring person who enjoys spending time with others.  You are a good listener. reponsive and able to encourage others in conversation.

There are many ways to make a personal visit meaningful such as: looking through photograph albums, reminiscing, sharing current affairs, reading and playing games. 

Exercise Classes

Classes are offered through the Physiotherapy Department at LHI. 

Exercise enables Residents to maintain a range of movement, mobility, balance, flexibility and muscle strength.

You will actively participate in the class enabling the resident to follow your lead to maximise their involvement. 

Palliative Care Support

This specialist role provides emotional support and caring to a Resident at end of life.

This role may involve, conversation, massage, holding the person's hand, or just being there; whatever is best to respond to the Resident's emotional needs at the time. 

Ideally you will be emotionaly resilient, and sensitive to others needs.

Education and support is provided, as is ongoing collaboration with the Resident Services Team.